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Palumbo Conservation Services, the Natural History Specialists!

At Palumbo Conservation Services, we understand that conservation is about more than preserving the physical appearance of an object. It acts to safeguard its historical, scientific and sentimental value for generations to come.

With over 10 years’ experience in the museum sector, Palumbo Conservation Services offers expert conservation and restoration of materials found within Natural History collections, including taxidermy, skeletal materials and fluid-preserved specimens.

Palumbo Conservation Services is fully insured and professionally accredited by the UK Institute for Conservation, following strict ethical guidelines on all work undertaken.



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Restorative Conservation

This involves the physical conservation treatment of specimens and objects to preserve and/or restore them to a previous appearance

Project Management

This includes managing larger conservation projects, researching treatments, managing additional staff & budgets and developing outreach

Preventive Conservation
This includes advising on  environments, pest management programs, packing & transportation, condition and collection assessments
Training and Outreach

This includes the design and delivery of training on subjects such as object cleaning, manual handling & pest mangagement.


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I can be contacted at palumboconservation@gmail.com or through this contact form.

Twitter: @bethany_bug

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