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Publications and papers

• F. Ritchie and B. Palumbo (2022) Lascaux Adhesives in Objects Conservation: Three Practical Case Studies on Leather, Skin, and Entomological Specimens, Journal of the American Institute for Conservation.

•R. Newberry, B. Palumbo, and F. Ritchie (2016) Beyond “No food and drink in the gallery”: Writing a best practices document for food management in museums. SPNHC Collection Forum: Fall 2016, Vol. 30, No. 1-2, pp. 111-117.

• B. Palumbo (2014) ‘Into the Light: The re-emergence of the Oxford University Museum of Natural History’. The Jour-nal of the Oxford University Biochemical Society: Issue 18, Trinity Term 2014.

• B. Palumbo, G. Aboe, N. Crompton (2013) ‘Once in a Whale: the conservation treatment of historic cetacea at the Oxford University Museum of Natural History’. Presented at the European Taxidermy Federation Meeting, Finland, 2015; the SPNHC Conference, Cardiff, 2014; and the 1st International Conservation Symposium-Workshop of Natural History Collections, Barcelona, 2013.

• Sybalsky, J.; Palumbo, B.; Nunan, E.; Levinson, J.;Elkin, L (2012) ‘Innovation through interdisciplinary exchange: Restoration of the North American mammal habitat dioramas’. SPNHC Conference Yale 2012.

• B. Palumbo (2012) The Restoration of Colour to Avian Taxidermy Mounts. SPNHC Collection Forum: Spring 2012, Vol 26, No. 1-2, pp. 50-59

'Whale Weekender' Grant Museum, UCL, 2017

This outreach project, based at UCL invited members of the public to help conservators clean and rebuild a Bottlenose Whale skeleton which had been in long-term storage. Using my knowledge of bone conservation and whale anatomy, I assisted the team, teaching visitors how to clean and identify the pieces of bone. The project was awarded 'Best Project on a Limited Budget' at the 2018 Museum and Heritage Awards.

Conservation of Bone, Cleaning Workshop 2015

In 2015, the Natural Sciences Collections Association held a workshop titled 'Bone Collections: Using, Conserving and Understanding Osteology in Museums'. This was hosted at the Cambridge University Museum of Zoology. For this workshop, I designed and co-hosted a bone cleaning session, teaching the basics of conservation cleaning. Attendees practiced these techniques on real specimens under the guidance of conservators.


'Capybara Construction' 2014

Hosted at the Oxford University Museum of Natural History, 'Capybara Construction' was an outreach project, consisting of the rebuilding of a Capybara skeleton in the museum court. The conservation team and evolutionary biologist Ben Garrod answered questions from the public whilst reconstructing this skeleton. This event was part of the week-long 'Reactions' festival - an exploration of science and the arts at the University of Oxford Museums.

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