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The restoration of a 3 masted model ship

This handmade model ship arrived at PCS from a client wishing to restore it for his wife. Though not an antique, it was made by her Uncle and holds great sentimental value. Thorough cleaning was undertaken with solvents. This was followed by the replacement of all the rigging which was degraded and brittle. 

'Tahemaa Transformed', Bournemouth Natural Science Society

This project encompasses the conservation of Tahemaa, the Egyptian Mummy at the Bournemouth Natural Science Society. I am the project conservator for this on-going project. My role includes researching and undertaking treatments, fundraising and generating publicity. More information can be found at the project blog

Dorset County Museum

The conservation and restoration of 5 taxidermy specimens from the Dorset County Museum, including 4 bird dioramas and 1 Sturgeon, measuring 3 metres long. Treatments included: freezing to kill insect pests, cleaning, recolouring and repairing diorama structures.

Bristol Museum and Gallery

The conservation of 'Henry' the taxidermy Orangutan. Treatment included cleaning, the removal of old paint from his hair and restoring the base, which was cracked and flaking.

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