Training and Outreach

Case study- Conservation of Bone workshop

As part of the '‘Bone Collections: using, conserving and understanding osteology in museums’ 2015 conference held by NatSCA, I designed and delivered a half-day training session demonstrating conservation cleaning techniques. The workshop also discussed the composition of bone, methods of preparation and causes of deterioration. Attendees were then invited to use the techniques learnt on real specimens and encouraged to discuss the results.

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Case study- The UCL 'Whale Weekender'

In 2017, I formed part a specialist team for the outreach project ‘Whale Weekender’ hosted by the UCL Grant Museum. This project, held over 2 days invited the public to assist with the cleaning of a Northern-beaked Whale skeleton. My role was to demonstrate conservation techniques and supervise visitors and assist with bone identification. This project was awarded ‘Best Project on a Limited Budget’ at the 2018 Museum and Heritage Awards.

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